About Beijing PTHX

General information on our enterprise

We are general investors in the real estate business. We focus on all utilities involved in this economic sector. We deal with both natural and artificial real estate resources. Some of the natural resources in which we make our investment include land. Land is our major area of investment. Our investments in land differ depending on the exact state of land at the time of investment or transaction between our agents and the customers. We can buy land from locals, companies or real estate brokers. For instance, we deal with the following categories of land.

· Unexploited land that is still potential for productivity.

· Land that has already been used and is no longer productive for a certain form of investment for which the land is currently being used.

· We also transact with other investors in their already established or ongoing investment whereby the current investor wishes to sell of the land together with whatever is invested in. For example, we buy land together with buildings that have already been constructed.

Transacting Real Resources

Apart from land we also deal with many more resources. These are buildings and structures for hire, renting or leasing. Crops and plantations also involved in our investments but under the condition that they must be sold or bought together with the land in which they are growing. Forests, for example can be sold or bought only when the whole transaction involves the land in which the forest is. We also engage in transactions of water and mineral resources under similar conditions and terms as those that guide dealing with land that has plantations.

Houses for Sale

Artificial resources that form part of our investments include housing. We buy land and construct houses for sale. We also buy already constructed houses and use them for leasing, renting or other commercial activities. We are dynamic and highly flexible in terms of the exact real estate transaction we are engaging in. We are also guided by our own policy terms and conditions and the agreement with our transacting partners also matter a lot. Our modes of payment during our transaction are so flexible and well suit the convenience of customers and clients.

Most important, we offer a diverse range of services to our customers and clients such as transportation and accommodation.